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I aim to capture what is raw and real. I love finding the beauty in spontaneity— capturing all the candid laughs, the happy tears, and everything in between.

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When Lieselot told me that she also photographs weddings in analog, we did not hesitate for a second: this would be an added value at our wedding. And it turned out to be 200% true! Lieselot's unique images were the icing on the cake of our wedding coverage. We felt completely at ease with Lieselot and that can be seen from the images. Lieselot at all our milestones in life? Yes please!  - Jolien L.

"From the moment we made an initial call with Lieselot, we felt we were on the same page. Lieselot took extensive time to listen to our story and went through the script of the two days of celebration with us. During the wedding, Lieselot was not just a fly on the wall, but a sparkling presence - a talent not many people have! The naturalness with which Lieselot photographed the guests made it feel as if she had been part of our circle of friends for years. After the party, it really was. The result is fantastic, a lasting memory of a beautiful two days." - Thomas S. 

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